About the instructor:

Scott Chang
MJER Iaido 5 Dan
Kendo 4 Dan


Scott Chang started training in Iaido while still a student at UCSD.  He discovered that Iaido classes were being offered through the UCSD recreation department and he decided to try something new.  The next year, he found that kendo was also being offered through the rec department, and also joined classes.

Scott continued training in Iaido, and after several years, as one of the longest time students, he began assisting then instructor Erik Tracy with teaching duties.  He eventually took over full instructor duties for the UCSD Iaido classes in 2002, under the supervision of Shimabukuro sensei.

Today, Scott Chang is the head instructor of the UCSD Iaido recreation classes, and is the advisor of the UCSD Iaido Club.  He currently holds 5 Dan in MJER Iaido.  He also currently holds 4 Dan in kendo.